Calibrachoa (Millio Bells) Calita Double Apricot - 10.5cm Pot

Calibrachoa (Millio Bells) Calita Double Apricot - 10.5cm Pot

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A gorgeous variety of Calibrachoa that produce a long-lasting show of colour from June to October. The apricot-pink blooms, although smaller than a Petunia, are borne in profusion, creating a bright explosion of colour that will last the whole summer long. The flowers are both weatherproof and self-cleaning so there’s no need for messy deadheading. Whether, you plant them alone or as part of a mixed display, you’ll find these Calibrachoa reliable and easy to grow.

Trailing habit.

Grown in 10.5 cm pots (larger than the normal 9cm) for larger healthy plants.

For summer pots, hanging baskets, tubs, planters.

Available for collection or dispatch from 19th April